AboutWho we are

Who are Timber and Twine you ask? 

We are are The Arandas. We are newlyweds, rock climbing enthusiasts,
pet people, your new  favorite wedding dancers, and last but not least we are story tellers.We love intimacy, laughter, and everything in between.


A little about our journey:
A few years ago Carlo shot his first wedding and grew a passion for what we do. Shooting in a journalistic point-of-view, to us, makes photographs that much more intimate/raw. We thrive on seeing the genuine outpour of happiness between couples. Ruth has joined the team and we are now shooting some of the most wonderful weddings together. Being current newlyweds we know what goes on when it comes to wedding planning, it’s fun but sometimes stressful and we want to be there to help you out through the process. If you want to know about our journey or have any questions feel free to contact us. We love coffee and chatting and we would love to have coffee and chat with you!